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So I recently went on one of these "prize packages" that the Ramada chain participates in (see my review "Amazon Travel Club is a joke!!!") and we stayed at the Ramada Maingate in Orlando. I am not wealthy however when staying in a hotel I do make the effort to try and stay somewhere that I know will be clean. I like certain hotel chains that I know hold themselves to a standard, and when I'm going on vacation I budget to stay in these chains. Since I had no choice in where we were staying as it was a package, I was forced to take up occupancy here. If you are planning a trip to Orlando, ESPECIALLY if you have children and are planning a Disney vacation, please read this review carefully.

1. Budget hotels CAN be clean. This one was not! The hallways are dingy and the carpets in both the hallways and the rooms look as though they have never been cleaned. We got into our room and found surfaces covered in dust and dirt, INCLUDING the bathroom!

2. Bed bugs have found their way back into American hotels big time and LOVE places like this where they don't clean or vacuum thoroughly. I looked online after we arrived and found reviews of this hotel within only a week of our arrival complaining that they had been eaten alive by bed bugs in this hotel. I thoroughly check any hotel I stay in as they can travel home with you, and then it takes an exterminator to get them out of your home. Pull the sheets off the bed and check the crevices of the mattress. Lift the mattress off the bed, pull the mattress away from the headboard, and lift the headboard away from the wall and look behind it, under it, everywhere! Check curtains, towels, bed skirts, and the rugs for these guys. They are noticeable, leave droppings occasionally, and the biggest tell tale sign is they leave behind molted shells. We were lucky enough to not find anything (very lucky, according to the reviews I had read), but I'm still itching a week later just thinking about it. By the way my bedbug search also revealed the hair of about every previous guest for the last 20 years. GROSS!!!

3. They did not provide us with bath towels! We had to ask for them, and they were rude when dealing with our request. We also hung a privacy sign on our door as I did not want the sketchy cleaning staff in our room. They ignored our request while we were out and went in anyway. When we returned the staff had clearly touched our belongings and rifled through them a bit, and had also taken our towels YET AGAIN. I had to check for bed bugs again, and deal with the rude hotel staff AGAIN just to get towels so we could take a shower.

4. Walls are incredibly thin and you could hear everything happening in all the rooms around you and in the hallway. Doesn't make sleeping easy.

5. They offer a "free shuttle" to Disney. Well, while we were there it did two trips out early morning, and two trips back to the hotel late at night. Not convenient in any way. It's also extremely crowded and you have to fight for a seat, they'll leave you in the parking lot at Disney if there is not enough room. They also have a taxi service posted. It's a rip off, 411 your own metered cab and make sure you know the quickest route to wherever you want to go.

6. The hotel has an indoor pool. Water gets EVERYWHERE. They also have their "Brass Monkey Lounge" near the pool so "parents can relax while watching their children." The Brass Monkey Lounge is like a dive bar, and locals are constantly in and out of the place so that they can hang out there. That means people off the street are walking in and out of the pool area, and sitting approximately 10 feet from your children while drinking or conducting their "business" (DRUG DEALS). I don't think I should have to spell out the danger that this poses, but I will: This place is a ***'s DREAM!!!

7. At check out we had to pay a resort fee. About $15/night. A resort fee entails amenities, like fridges in your room, free shuttle services ALL DAY (i.e. the Swan hotel in Disney park has a free taxi on call for guests), free internet in your hotel room, and more on top of the basic amenities (read cleanliness and towels!!). I don't know where they get off charging a resort fee.

8. The "hotel" looks like it's in the middle of Orlando's "hood." Awesome.

Get educated about staying in hotels. Higher quality chains do all they can to make sure they are clean and please their guests. I'm not a princess, but after seeing what went on in this place I made sure we spent as little time as possible in the hotel. If you are going to Orlando for a Disney vacation, like 99% of the people visiting, stay in the park!!!! You're there for Disney, so make it a real experience. I, in no way, represent the Disney corporation but know a great deal about how they operate. Their value resorts are almost always offering a deal so that they can cater to the customer who is looking at those budget hotels. In fact, I'm seeing a few resorts within Disney at this very moment that are at $58/night! That's what the Ramada was charging. Save a little longer and make sure your family vacation is one worth remembering in the best light, not what I'm remembering!

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You're right. Sexual predators do work for the company.

Confirmed. Also see more at


They keep calling me and saying that I owe them money!!! Not even asking for my card info (I gave it, because I was ***!

about a year and a half ago) Now the "manager" calls me and INFORMS that they will charge my card and that I preauthorized it.

I never preauthorized anything!!! Total scam and money sucking!!!!

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